Sunday, July 4, 2010

Go Ahead, Drive Me Insane Why Don't You?

Mood: Frustrated

Music: Hot 'n' Cold by Katy Perry

Any member of the female species would be able to agree with me when I say: boys are SO stupid. And frustrating, infuriating, upsetting, confusing; need I go on? I seriously think I'm going to go bald, considering the amount of hair I have been tearing out in utter frustration this week. Can you believe that guys have the audacity to call us confusing? I think they need to have a good hard look at themselves before making those kind of accusations. They're all gooey and sweet one moment, then BAM, they shrug us off like we're some unwanted fly! Then they play dumb like they have no idea what we are on about - "What is it? Have I done something wrong?"

Personal experience does not just tell me this. Having seen many of my girlfriends whine and cringe at the male species, I have gathered that my opinion is the general consensus. You may be thinking "But my guy is perfect!" Oh how wrong you are. Think back; I'm guessing you will be able to recall a time where you wanted to strangle the hell out of him huh? Bet you can remember a time where he was so hot and cold that you thought he had an inbuilt thermostat that was going haywire, hmm? Oh, but I don't think it's just boyfriends either; dads, husbands, grandfathers, little brothers, friends or the in betweens - they are all the same. You might be thinking "How would you know? You're only 17!" This is a fair comment, though I beg to differ. You see, I have to deal with the worst strain of male: the 21st century teenage boy. Very common in all parts of the world, this type of male is particularly confusing and takes joy in breaking the hearts of it's female counterpart, the teenage girl. Vicious and completely jerky in nature, these guys will rip you to shreds with their razor sharp remarks and contradicting actions.

Now, being the fairly intelligent young woman that I am, I realised I would have to come up with a solution for myself, and fast. My thoughts led me to only one plausible and simple solution: move to Germany and become a nun. I hear the weathers fantastic over there.

To all those girls out there with boy complications: Hang on in there and don't fret; you can always come and join my nunnery!

Beeje xx

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