Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sun, Sun, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Mood: quite miffed!

Music: does mother talking on the phone count?

As I rolled over in my bed on this cold winter morning, not wanting to move from the snuggle haven that is my bed, I was bombarded, not with freezing cold morning air...but with a stream of blinding sun. Now let me ask you something - What's wrong with this picture?! As much I (and the rest of the population) whine and cringe over the chilly airs, the thunder storms and the window rattling winds, I actually really do love winter. There's nothing better than being able get cozy with your mug of hot chocolate and a good book while listening to a storm raging outside your window. Somehow - and correct me if I'm wrong - sunshine really does not go hand in hand with my warm and snuggley winter dreams. Oh Perth, why do you do this to me? Why must you have such silly weather tendencies. Perhaps I may be over reacting, as the first official day of winter is tomorrow. Although that sun with it's smug little beams of light doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon!

I always look forward to seeing the stormy rainclouds and swirling winds around this time of year. There is something about winter that is really magical; I cannot explain it, I just know that it is. What I always wish for in the winter (and secretly have since I was little) is soft, flaky, glittering snow; a little white winter all for myself! Many people have attempted to crush my dreams though - describing snow as slushy, grey and sock drenching. This will never get me down (although deep down inside I know they are right) and I will always keep my dream of a beautiful white blanket of fluffy goodness covering my street ( hmmm I think I've been watching too many American movies actually)

Happy winter wishes to everyone!

Beeje xx

Hey Soul Sister!

Mood: Strangely joyful

Music: Hey Soul Sister by Train

Oh how I love a good conversation with my best friend! Talking to my lovely soul sister Amy always puts a smile on my face. Lately, however, our conversations have been a mad rush - each of us quickly filling the other in on the dramas surrounding our hectic lives before having to say a quick goodbye to get back to our huge piles of homework. Our long chats full of meaningless gossip and girl talk are things of the past as we barely have time to breath anymore! I really do miss my phone conversations with that girl, not to mention how much I need one of our girls nights in, where we scare our selves silly with ridiculous horror movies and eat enough junk food to feed a whole third world country for a week.

I have so many memories of these nights and the funny things we got up to. I remember a year back, sitting against her bedroom door with our selected weapons of shelf ornament and DVD case to protect us because we swore there was someone in the house who was about to murder us with a machete at any moment. Perhaps a more hilarious moment was when my mum discovered a huntsman spider outside above the balcony door frame. This had me and Amy standing on the small cane chair in the far corner of the balcony hugging each other, leaving mum to fight the huge spider (which in reality was probably more scared of us at the time) with the kitchen broom (which took her quite some time considering every time the spider moved she would jump back and try to stand on the chair with us). These are the times I miss the most - making the best memories with the best friend I have.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth people survive without a best friend; for me it would be impossible. I have had always has one (and there have been several in my short 16 years on earth) and I'm glad I finally have that one friend I will keep with me throughout my adult life. It just really sucks that we hardly have time for each other anymore, but I guess that's what makes our friendship so strong - being able to go for weeks without seeing each other and being able to pick up the phone and to talk to each other for hours (or however long our study break is). Speaking of studying, I have a horrible Retail Certificate to finish before The Good Wife starts at 8.30 (hmmm there seems to be a pattern occurring here)

To all the other best friends out there in the world, try and give your bestie a call sometimes this week - you know it's so worth it.

Goodbye and goodnight everyone!

Beeje xx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Homework, Please Go Away...

Current Mood: Year 12 (which translates to stress, anxiety and any other horrible emotions)

Music: the Lady GaGa song that I cannot spell

At the moment I am not so successfully avoiding my literature assignment, wishing I had more hot chocolate and wondering how on earth I can be interesting enough to start my own blog. Blogging seems to be the new facebook - just a whole lot more personal. I think I'm ready though, to take my relationship with the internet to the next level. So here I am world!

It still actually mystifies me that I can be writing my little ol' blog from my bedroom in Perth, W.A. and another person half way across the world can get a better insight into my life than my next door neighbour! That being said i would like to say "Hello fellow bloggers, you are now my newest distraction from my crazy life!"

I actually never thought my twelfth and final year of schooling would be this insane/tearjerking/stressful/scary/exciting/insightful as I imagined it. Whenever I thought of myself in year 12 a studious yet social happy 17 year old came to mind. Oh how naive I was! Studios does not begin to cover it, happy is a rare emotion and I don't believe social is even a part of my vocabulary anymore. That being said, I think things are finally looking up (touch wood) and I'm starting to enjoy my last few months of being able to be a kid at school with my friends before entering the big wide world.

And my clock just brought me crashing back to reality. 9.49pm: I still haven't finished my english literature essay and my favourite tv show starts in ten minutes! Year 12 calls.

Love and sympathy to all my fellow year twelve students!

Beeje xx