Monday, June 21, 2010

Nothing Left For Me To Do But Dance

Mood: Mondayitis

Music: The Ding Dong of My MSN Conversation by Renee Leask

Today I have unfortunately caught the horrible and commonly spread disease known as Mondayitis. My day started off as per usual then slowly crept into a rather doom full downward spiral. So, I thought to myself "What on earth can help me feel better?" and the answer was actually rather simple: Dance! Of coarse, being rather late at night and having neighbours asleep downstairs whom I assume would not appreciate hearing the landings out of my grand jete's, this was not the best idea. My second option was to blog. So here I am trying desperately to cure myself of my Mondayitis and dreaming of being in a little studio of my very own, music blaring, pointe shoes on, dancing to my hearts content! Whilst this dream is slightly improbable (ok more like totally unrealistic at the moment), I am very excited for the actual dancing I will be doing in the next few weeks. The next month will see me attending many workshops, rehearsals, competition performances and my schools musical production!

First on my dance to do list is Country Week, where several country schools from West Australia compete against each other in different sports, including dance. A week of highly intensive workshops with many amazing choreographers and choreographing a winning piece for the competition night will make for a fantastic week. Considering my school's team won last year and being on said team, myself and the rest of us all have a reputation to uphold, which is quite nerve racking! (However we are somewhat fabulous, even if I do say so myself!)

The workshops just keep on coming; during the holidays I have the Steps Youth Dance Company workshop 'Freerange' as well as an intensive with Buzz Dance Theatre, both during my holidays. Something tells me a may not be able to walk when I get back to school! In between this I have performances at the Mandurah dance comps with my lovely slow modern and contemporary troupe which I am very much looking forward to! Aside from all of this, the rehersals for our schools production: "The Grynch With a Y, Who Stole Christmas In July" (corny, I know) are in full swing as of this Friday. this of coarse means late nights, grumpy teachers and lots of yelling. Needless to say I will be very excited/sore/tired/grumpy for the next four weeks straight (perahps I should have asked for a large tube of deep heat for my birhtday). Oh just thinking of this makes me quite sleepy! i think perhaps a nice snooze is in order. Off to bed I go.

Goodnight my fellow bloggers and dance enthusiasts!

Beeje xx

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