Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well I Never!

Mood: Delightfully Surprised

Music: Celebrate Good Times by Kool and the Gang (playing in my head)

I had a dream, that one day, I would experience an exam that would be enjoyable and easy. And that day has come. Seriously. And no, this is not a hoax or a cruel practical joke. I speak the whole truth and nothing but the so help me god. Today I had my 3A Drama written exam, which I have been stressing over since the beginning of the year. Lone behold, I open the exam booklet for reading time today and I realise all my stress has been for nothing. Absolutely nothing - zilch, nada, complete ZERO. My reaction I had contemplated never happened - instead of tears and tantrums, a large smile was plastered on my face and still hasn't left.

While I am immensely happy about this, I can't help but feel slightly short-changed. All that time and energy I had spent on stressing, crying and fretting over the exam was a complete waste! I'm not complaining though, as I really did experience a miracle today. Shame I can't say the same for my exams tomorrow. I know for a fact that my 3A English Literature and my written 2A Dance exams will be my own personal hell, designed and crafted specifically to upset and stress me. Ok, so that may be slight exaggeration, but it certainly feels that way! Normally anything dance excites me and I can't wait for my practical exam; this theory stuff however, is absolutely horrid. And don't get me started on the Literature. 3 hours, 3 in depth analytical essays. Enough said. Perhaps I should be studying for my exams instead of whinging about them on my blog...

Good luck to all the students out there who are unfortunate enough to be doing exams!

Beeje xx

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